With our 25 year anniversary and all that, what were your favourite top 5 seasons (based only on direct experience) as a Raptors fan?

I've started following the team regularly in CB's rookie season (I watched some occasional games the year before that), so I can only pick from 2003 until today. I'm excluding this season as it's too young, but so far it's been my favourite.

Outside of that, here's my personal top 5:

1. 2018/19 - obviously a perfect finish, but it was marred a bit by the anxiety around kawhi, all the injuries and trades. 

2. 2015/16 - the conference finals run, great regular season, the first version of the bench mob with kyle, biz, Patterson and cory.

3. 2006/07 - my first season making the playoffs after my first 3 terrible seasons, all the optimism around Colangelo and bargnani, bosh's emergence as a star, garbajosa and parker. 

4. 2016/17 - the 59 wins season, would have been much higher on the list if not for the disastrous ending against Cleveland. Outside that, an amazing season, the year of the bench mob and we were breaking franchise records every day.

5.2013/14 - the return to the playoffs in the most unexpected fashion (also the year of what-if - how different the last half decade would have been if the lowry trade goes through …).
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1. 2018-19 season: Duh! Lol......first NBA championship, amazing ride.

2. 2015-16 season: First time getting to the ECF as the team continued growing.

3. 2013-14 season: Ujiri hired in the offseason and traded Bargnani, robbing the Knicks. The team early in the season looked awful and might be blown up. Rudy Gay was traded for a bench and the team took off and this was the beginning of the best Raptors era in franchise history.

4. 2006-07 season : Fun season that had us go to the playoffs for the first time in 3yrs. I only wish Garbo was healthy for the playoffs.

5. 2000-01 season: First time the Raptors got past the first round, beating the Knicks was gratifying. One shot away from getting to the ECF.......this at the time seemed like the beginning of a great run.
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1. 2018-19 - We the Champs

2. 2000-01 - Game 5 vs. the Knicks. Keon and JYD

3. 2006-07 - First Atlantic Division title

4. 1999-00 - First playoff appearance and VC destroying the dunk competition

5. 1996-97 - 32 Wins for a second year franchise. Camby and Stoudamire were fun to watch
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1. 2015-16 : the first ECF ! the rebound season after the washington swap, that was some off my best memory !
2. 2018-19 : the championship run....
3. 2013-14 : the turn around, Masai coming on, Barg gone, gay gone, the sac trio whom provide us with some toughness...

after that there is a lot of season on the same level, the first VC season (my first season as a raptors fan), the last season with bosh, the 2007 atalntic title, etc....

but this season, whatever happen, i really enjoy the fun of it, the we the champs, the young core coming around, the siakam emergence as our corner star !
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Northern Neighbour
1. 2018-19: Championship. How can this magical run that culminated an unforgettable moment for 35+ million people not be #1? #WeTheChampBabee!

2. 1998-99: Vince Carter makes the Raptors must-see TV. He electrified not just a hockey town but an entire country. His impact will be everlasting.

3. 2013-14: The Rudy Gay trade may go down as the most important moment in the Raptors' history. Who would have believed that four role players (two of them journeymen) would ignite the most successful era in the franchise while unleashing the potential of DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry? Ujiri's "F*** Brooklyn" will live forever (and in infamy).

4. 2015-16: The run to the franchise's first Eastern Conference Finals. It wasn't an easy road there, but the team exorcised some of its demons en route to meeting LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

5. 1995-96: The franchise's first season. The team wasn't very good, but they were fun to watch led by Damon Stoudemire. On April 12, 1996, Acie Earl scored 40 points in a game against Boston. Acie bloody Earl scored 40 points in a game! 
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