10. CJ Kilometres

Oh, Matt Devlin, you clever, coiffed wordsmith. I am 100 percent in favor of this metric system nickname for Toronto's new bench gunner, flinging up 13.5 triples per 36 minutes -- an audacious, giddy number no rotation player has even approached over a full season. Kilometres doesn't even care if he's facing the basket when he catches the ball; he'll twirl around -- in mid-air, mind you -- and heave that sucker up.

What in the hell has gotten into the staid Raptors? The Drakes are pulling 36 triples per game after averaging only 24 attempts from deep last season. The corresponding decrease has come almost entirely from the midrange area; the Raptors haven't (so far) sacrificed shots at the rim or free throws transforming themselves into the Rockets of Canada.

This is part personnel, and part Dwane Casey coaching outside of his comfort zone to reinvent an offense that craps the bed every postseason. Kilometres is at the center of it, bombing away as part of a delightful five-man bench mob.

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not surprisingly, lowe is the first to comment on our bench ... Eventually the nba world will catch up, will be interesting to see if the other teams will start reacting to it as well. I thought, for the first time, last night our bench was met with an equal level of aggression and physicality. Could be because the Lakers have a somewhat similar bench, we'll see what happens in the future.
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